[Video] $elling Your Authenticity

Hi folks!

Today, I will be brief  and I will quote Hugh MacLeod’s high resolution give away cartoon:

Remember Who you Are.

The rest is said in the video;-)




  1. Hi Ivana,

    I loved the way you authentically said your name and url for the first time — a display of authentic evolution!

    I have put aside time to ponder this exact topic — to get quiet, go within, and allow my heart to speak. I admit I can get excited with marketing strategies and I need to bring myself back down and focus on how I can be a unique messenger to serve others. These thoughts have messed with my ‘shipping.’ Enthusiasm at hyped conventions vs. being a channel to best serve people — I know there is a happy medium.

    Maybe I could move in and we could collaborate (I’m joking).

    Have a Blessed day — See you soon.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Kim,
      always great to see you here.
      not sure about moving in;-) but I am pretty sure about collaboration!
      Just shout out ideas and I am game.
      Have a super cool day, yourself Kim.
      P.S.: I am pretty happy in a way that I have “messed up” your “shipping” a bit;-)

  2. I so appreciate YOUR authenticity Ivana. Your blog posts and videos always reach right out and grab me with their meaning and obvious heart-felt sincerity. Thanks again for a great post and the extremely important reminder to keep checking in with our intentions ‘lest we veer too far off the path of integrity.

    xo 🙂

  3. That’s what I like about you … authenticity.

    When I first came across one of your video reviews of a book, I like that fact that you said what you believed, not what you thought people wanted to hear.

    I don’t like polished, I don’t like scripted, I don’t like fake … I like keeping it real … and that’s what you do.

  4. I meant to add … these are my favorite take aways:
    – Have as many authentic moments as you have.
    – Life is too short to do what someone else is telling you to do.

  5. Brilliant message Ivana 🙂

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