Linkfest #3 Feast for Your Easter Break

Hello SCG,

first of all Happy Easter to everyone! I trust, that you will find sometime also for online inspiration during this holiday break. Thanks to our amazing #IS Ambassadors, you can feast on following links to blogs & videos.


Link + Video pick from our Sidra Qasim

:: Check out Sidra’s thoughts on how to make best use of what you already know.

::CBC News Anchors share their moments of Awesome with Neil Pasricha – author of  blog & book 1000 Awesome Things in this delightful video. See Neil’s blog, here.

Watch it directly on Youtube.


2 Links from Marek Lutz

:: One of Marek’s all time favorite blog post is:  “Do you allow other to throw garbage at you?” explaining “Law of Garbage Truck”

:: Second pick by Marek is article from Tech Crunch dot com: ‘Sloppy Google’ Is Lazy And Incompetent, Like A Human about how do we actually take advantage from our technological age.


Waqas Ali pointed out at these 2 sources

:: Waqas liked Peter Thiel’s article on Tech Crunch: We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education.

:: Guy Kawasaki talks with Brian Solis about how companies like Apple & Zappos create unbeatable word-of-mouth.  And why it is important to create unbeatable product / service.


Let me share with you amazingly touching must watch documentary: “Children Full of Lifeabout a fourth-grade class in a primary school in Kanazawa, northwest of Tokyo.

:: Watch part One on Youtube, or bellow. I have found this film, thanks to Garr Reynolds & watched it only 1 day before Japan got hit by earthquake and tsunami.

Continue with parts 2, 3, 4 & 5.



I wish you to experience moments of love & compassion every day, not only during holiday.

Plus don’t forget, that today is Earth Day, so try to give a thought, what can you do for our mother-ship Earth & how you can give a hand, too. (Thanks to Palu Facet for sharing this nice Earth Day video with me yesterday)




  1. sharmeen rafique says:

    Thank you Ivana for this beautiful feast, this is the greatest feast i ever had. Can you give us one more.

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