#IS Would Not Exist Without This Man

Dear Dad,

I would like to thank you for exemplifying what does it mean to be & to have a family.

Thank you for believing in me. Without you #IS would never become what it is now.

Happy birthday, Dad!


  1. That’ True Ivana. Without your father’s support you cant make it. I am struggling hard to get my father’s support. I am sure one day he will be all with me :-).
    And a big thanks to your Father because of his support we are all getting inspired by your art. Health and happiness for him,


  2. Happy Birthday Dad!!! Wish you Health and Happiness.

  3. Sharmeen Rafique says:

    All the best wishes for your Dad.

  4. My Dad’s thank you flies to Pakistan, guys!;-)

  5. A day late, but not less sincere: Happy birthday Mr SuperCool ;).

  6. Hey Ivana, happy for you and Happy Birthday to your dad, a tad late though 🙂

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