About Power of One Re-Tweet or How I met ____

Hello SCG,

greetings from Dubai. Last night I took another leap of faith, I followed my heart, I hopped on a plane and thanks to that -> another life-transforming miracle took place on my journey. What miracle? (again?!) Why did I bother to come over to U.A.E.? Carry on reading -> this shipment is  an example/true story for you that, ordinary can meet, talk and inspire extraordinary. Trust me, you can!

This 16 months old re-tweet

Made for #IS possible to meet with THE  Don Tapscott

Learn from Don. I started four years back with these 2 books.


I am so overwhelmed by this experience, that I might write more about this soul shaking, enchanting and inspiring meeting in Abu Dhabi, when I will be able to articulate its impact…For now, all I can say is that, I am totally grateful and speechless.

Be well, friends.


P.S.: I just gave my vote to Don in Thinkers 50 ‘competition’ – you might want to do the same -> here.


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