[Video] Bodyguard for Your Dreams

I have been thinking about recording this video for quite some time. Yesterday, I came across inspirational scene from one of my all times favorite movies Pursuit of Happiness. And today I just felt “right” to shoot following video post.

We all have heard tons about how one should live his/her dream, follow the heart and so on…and yet it is still so though.

Let me share with you my dream come true story with you.

And who knows, it might give you a little push to get closer to your dream. Just spare 5 minutes of your time and watch this.

I am already excited to hear your stories.

Just drop it into comments or shoot me an email if you feel I could help YOU.



P.S.: I have little attention check question for you, today:

Can you tell which is next book on my reading list? 😉

“Global employer”

Good friend of mine Arjan Tiessen, has just shared on Skype with me following video and added an amazing remark to it.

[12:22:44 PM] Arjan Tiessen: The video shows for what we (should) be doing all our work for… [Read more…]