Question Of the Week #4


it is unbelievable, but 1st month of 2011 is nearly over. I am still catching my breath after #NGLS gig and getting back on shipping track, so what a great way to do it with #QOW.

This week I am curious to know:

Which magazine(s) do you read regularly?

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Question Of the Week #3

Hello SCG,

I believe you had awesome week & that you have shipped your art to the world. This week’s question was inspired by book The Other 90% by Robert K. Cooper, which I am reading at the moment. In its first chapter is author remembering his grandfather, who was asking little Robert every weekend following question:

What did you do this week that made you the proudest?

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Question Of the Week #2

Hiya SCG,

firstly, I want to thank you for your exhausting comments on Question Of the Week #1. That is what I call truly rocket take off in 2011!;-) Let’s carry on this week & share your answers  on 2nd #QOW:

What poster(s) do/did you have on the wall(s) of your room or a dorm room?

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Question Of the Week #1

Hiya SCG,

I am so thrilled from twenty eleven kick off for Question Of the Week series. So, here we go, first #QOW for you is:

How can we help to transform motivation to attend school institutions from grades-based into knowledge-based?

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