Question Of the Week #45


theme of education has inspired me with #QOW due to a fact that this Friday 19th November at 11AM (CET), I will be facilitating webinar on School 2.0 within Policy and Leadership Track on Global Education Conference 2010 Note: SCG-er Monika Hardy has her session , there too!;-)

What subject(s) do you wish to see in your or your kids school’s syllabus, which are not there?

What topics should be taught at school and are not? What skills would you like to polish or develop within school by you have no support for it, there?

Have a super cool start of new week!

See you in comments.



  1. Great question again. People around me (including myself) have been discussing this recently a lot.

    I would definitely add (not necessarily as a separate subject, but maybe as a part of the educational system):

    1. communication (self-promotion hand in hand with hard practice on how to create & keep valuable relationships with people),
    2. creative thinking & at least basics of law, sociology, psychology etc.
    From the first year on primary school or even from the first year in nursery school;)

    • Hey Zuzka!
      Wonderful, wonderful ideas! I am totally with you on it.
      Loving the fact, that you are suggesting to start pretty early with educating our next generations.
      I believe that they are much smarter than us when we have been kids, and I believe, that you yourself can witness it daily on your little baby boy at home.

  2. Schools system was designed to teach kids how to be good employees – how to stay on schedule, how to follow directions, how to do what they are told. Those aren’t the skills we need to make it in this new world.

    I would like to see entrepreneurship skills and an understanding of what entrepreneurship is. Also, we could all use some money management skills.

    • So true Frances!!

      We don’t need factory workers anymore more… I truly hope we will wake up from this snooze in education and we will ask for change and pursue it and encourage it…Governments will not do it for us.

  3. Hi all …

    Well, here is my list of new subjects in our educational system:
    1. personal discovery and self-understanding
    2. appreciation of beauty and goodness
    These are my top, but there is a million of other things. I believe though, it is not about adding subjects, rather about CHANGING THE WAY HOW THE CHILDREN ARE SHAPED in the schools…

    • Brilliant Marek!!!
      Indeed it is not about subjects, it is about re-learning to be human again. Human to ourselves, to nature, in businesses….
      Yes and schools should be giving really helping hand in this process….I don’t need my kid to know calculate long matrix by hand, I need her/him to be good grateful emotionally intelligent human being…

  4. Tomas Kuracina says:

    financal education, business education, basics of accounting, tax laws, communication skills..
    required reading: minimum 10 main Kiyosaki’s books, 3 Carnegie’s books, Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, The Secret

    …and I could go on and on..

  5. Peter Csík says:

    Hi! What about to add “funny hour”? The purpose of this “subject” should be simple – just let children do what they want to do. If they want to: play music; dance; draw something; build something…etc, OK. I think it would be a great opportunity for children to show what they really like to do as well as to discover their potential, creativity, talent… What is your opinion about it?

    • Ahoj Peto,
      great to see you here with us.
      Yes, I totally agree that well communicated and facilitated “happy hour” of freedom could be great way to give kids space to express themselves.
      Important would be leadership role of a teacher, who would see and encourage creativity and talents of children and then learn about their passions and consciously develop it through other sessions in school. F.e., assigning tasks differently to kids, not forcing talented dancer to crack physics calculation through book examples, but let her demonstrate physics example on dance moves for example;-)

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