Question Of the Week #41


here we are back with Question Of the Week after one week pause,yay.  Let us get back on #QOW track now:

What do you love the most about the future?

I will see you in comments.




Question Of the Week #39

Hiya SCG,

#QOW was inspired by a book, which is giving me company this weekend; Start With Why by Simon Sinek, in which he says; “loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people” and Simon exemplifies true customer’s loyalty on the brands like Apple or Southwest airlines. So, I would like to know:

Which brands/products/services are you loyal to?

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Question Of the Week #38

Hiay SCG,

I had no idea what the 38th Question Of the Week will be but I trusted the process that it will “hit me” when I will need it. It did! When I was walking to a downtown of Bratislava in order to find a coffee shop with running wi-fi, I have met along the way many people asking for money. (beggars, homeless people, street artists, etc.) So, my question to you today is:

Do you donate money?

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4 Very Important Questions Of the Week #37


today 19th of September, our blog Inspiring Shipments (#IS) has crossed a very important milestone in its existence.

#IS is one year and one day old! Yay!

So, my dear SCG, I would like to ask you very personal questions today:

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Question Of the Week #36

Ciao SCG,

imagine you have a story to tell: “How I have met my hero.” So, you would start your story-telling with:  I have got an invitation to meet for a coffee/lunch/dinner __________

Please, fill in the blank space above, with a name of your living hero you would love to meet in person. Share your WHY her of him,too?

Yay, looking forward to meet your heroes.


Question Of the Week #35

Hello SCG,

inspiration for 35th Question Of the Week originated in the latest post of Seth Godin, where he says: The emotional labor of engaging with the work and increasing the energy in the room is precisely what you sell.”

I would like to hear your take on emotional labor.

What is emotional labor? How can you distinguish between emotional worker and non-emotional one? Do you know any emotional laborers? Do you know a company, which raise emotional workers?


Question Of the Week #34

Hello SCG,

I believe you would agree with me, that some people, which we come across are not truly “like minds” to us. So, let me ask you:

How do you deal with negative people?

I cannot wait to read about your ways how to handle negative/offensive people.


Question Of the Week #33 + Announcement

Hello SGC,

first of all thanks at SCG-er Waqas AKA @SocialMedia_Art for inspiration.

What are your recent new & interesting discoveries in a “www. Universe” ?

SCG, share with us new websites, blogs, online platforms, which you have discovered lately and they might be new or insightful for us, as well.

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Question Of the Week #32

Hey SCG,

greetings from Slovakia, yay! It is great to be home and being around my close people again, what brings smile to my face. (I mean more smile) Therefore I would like to ask you:

Why is humor and laughter important?

I cannot wait to read you in comments, after one week absence of Question Of the Week. [Read more…]

[Video] Question Of the Week #30

Hiya SCG,

1st of August is  a very special day for me. Why? Today, it is exactly one year since I have quit my job in Capgemini with this farewell speech. (Gosh, I did not know it was viewed over 14oo times on Youtube).

What were the most amazing things you have done in last 12 months and you are proud of it?

And what did I do in last one year? Here is my answer, which includes 8 kg lighter version of me 😉 LOL [Read more…]

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