About Creating Impact or Stuff I Shipped When I Was Not Here

Hello SCG

thank you for your patience and bearing with silence on #IS for last 2 weeks or so. I would like to share with you all news and updates, which kept me on my toes since last shipment on 16th June. I must tell you, it has been unbelievable 2 weeks. Curious? Let’s go, then.

4 weeks in Dubai (from 28th May till 25th June) were full of meetings, networking, learning, opportunity hunting and of course shipping of blog posts. It seems a bit symbolic, that I had to be out of country to create the most action inspiring blog posts of my life. (so far). Read on.

I have done 2 Shipments in Slovak language with mind-blowing impact

#1 Blog post -> 12 reason, why you should be on Twitter.

Shipment summarizing 12 main reason why one should be on Twitter, was read by 4300 people and its impact was beyond the pale. Hundreds of Slovak people signed up for Twitter based on this blog. I was flooded by hundreds of new followers from Slovakia & I must tell you it really was something, when people’s first tweets were dedicated to me as thank you for inspiring them to join Twitter. Thank you all, who acted upon this shipment -> that is how I like it!;-)

#2 Blog -> [Call to action] Slovakia let’s create our new education 2.0

Only 8 days after my Slovak shipment about Twitter, I have shipped the longest blog post of my life. Why? It was reaction to one video, which my Dad shared with me when I was in Dubai. Video was from a conference of Slovak Ministry of Education, where they have been discussing ‘investment’ of 6 million EUR into ‘interactive’ digital content for Slovak schools.

What did I write about? I took my time to analyze 45 min long video minute by minute and I have offered different point of view on each ‘argument’ of Slovak teachers and vendors fighting for this fat cut from Slovak government budget…It took me 2 days to put it all together. Result? This blog post went viral! It was viewed by 13 400+ people since 23rd June, when it was published. I am still blown away by it. But that was not all -> at the end of the blog post I have put Google Form where people who care to do something about Slovak educational system could sign up. Result? Till now, 86 people signed up! Simply unbelievable. So, unknowingly I have got myself into (r)evolution in Slovakia. I will certainly keep you posted how are we progressing.

So, my mantra after these 2 blog posts is -> Create Impact or Go Home! 😉

Then, I had  meetings in Bratislava after my come-back from Dubai.

Kick off meeting #IS designers

Martin (@mattonik_sk) and Lucia (@fluxwerk) are charged up to transform my “artistic” sketch of new look for #IS (which they are proudly holding in their hands) into reality. We will certainly keep you posted and engaged in development of #IS’s new outfit of. Launch is planned for … let’s better be quiet about it and let’s ship it instead. Stick around, it will be fun! 😉

Meet Up With Awesome #NGLS-ers

Matej and Martina took me for brunch after my arrival from Dubai. It was truly amazing treat for my soul and stomach;-) Thank you, guys!

Coffee with Digital Marketing Head for Sheraton Bratislava Hotel

I was tweeting away with Sheraton Hotel  (@SheratonBA) for few months, after they have discovered me in the article in Slovak magazine, where I talked about social media. Then, we have agreed, that when I am back from Dubai, that I will stop by for a coffee. So, I did. We had amazing chat and except coffee I got a treat 2.0 -> 24 hours wi-fi pass for their internet network. I simply love power of social media! Don’t you?

…and many other amazing people crossed my path during my 4 days in Bratislava, whose energy compensated for energy drainers -> who somehow could not comprehend that my blog post about Slovak education is having no political or lobby background, that I ain’t gonna sell anything to Slovak government and that our initiative is act of collective generosity of doers who care to ship their art, not people who want to be rich overnight;-) Yay! Exciting times, exciting times…

Plus I have done 2 Social Media Re-makes

#1 From Posterous to Tumblr

After 300 plus posts, I have posted last shipment on my Posterous blog and I have started to ship interesting videos and more inspiration for your soul on Tumblr. Thanks to Waqas Ali for setting up #IS for Tumblr.

You can see preview of new look for supplementary dose of inspiration for our tribe bellow. I will not mind at all if you will start to sneeze and follow Web Picks by Inspiring Shipments, too.

#2 From Personal Facebook Page to #IS Page

I have also reduced quite a number of friends on my personal Facebook page -> Reason for that was, that I will be moving most of my updates to official Facebook page for #IS and I want to keep my personal Facebook page more intimate. Therefore, those who found out we are ‘not’ friends anymore -> please don’t take it personally at all -> you know where to find me and how to reach out to me even without Facebook. Bellow is print-screen shot of our Facebook home -> so, if you are not there yet -> I will like, if you “Like” #IS there, too.

And I have almost forgotten -> since 18th June I am one year wiser (scary, huh?) -> I want to thank to my dear friends in Dubai for making my special day even more memorable. You so rock! Shukran, ya’ll.



what did you ship? How was your June 2011? What unexpected things emerged on your path? Did you take up any new challenge(s)?

See you in comments.


P.S. : One more highlight on “impact theme” -> one young lady – Lenka, who attended NGLS #2 in January 2011 -> has written her Bachelor degree thesis about #NGLS and marketing/communication tools used to make it happen. How cool is that? You can check out post about it, here.


  1. Spectacular \o/

    It all makes sense.

    Getting out from your town/country gives you the right perspective to neutralize biases. You have a more accurate general view about the subject, education in this case, because you are perceiving what’s intelligent and what isn’t from different places. Not only perceiving but doing something about it.

    Every country needs at least one Ivanna leading that kind of job.

  2. How to go, Ivana. You are a force of nature, girl. You did it all from the heart with generosity. Plus you gave a shout out to TEDxNovaScotia when we needed it and translated a magazine article. Wow.

    • hey Frances!
      I am glad I could help your TEDx gig by teenie minie bit
      HUGS my friend and who knows maybe one day I will share my story with you people of Nova Scotia too.

  3. Good look Ivi!!! 😉 Firstly, Iam proud of my stay in your FB friendlist. When I was reading this post, I was thinking about our first meeting and the moment at night, when we were crossing the old bridge together and were talking about our future. It was really beautiful and emotional for me like were thinking both to same way. Maybe is of topic, but I needed to expres my feelings that occur in my had during reading 🙂

    I see now, that your world is more and more connected with other people, blogs, thoughts and aspecially opponents, which they are crossing to your side… It’s amazing for me and always I see your shining face, my tears are pushing out. I can’t help myself…

    “Your new changed life is growing like big tree which will survive for hundread years! I just going to plant my seed and gain more experience to big world which is in fact smaller than our hearts…”

    That’s my thougt for you Ivi.

    I want thank you for this blog, because reminded me that time, when you were seeding… ;-)))

    Thank you


  4. It looks like you had a great time and have some fresh perspective and experience to grow on.

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