World’s Premiere of “What If…?” Talk


yesterday (1 Dec) I have delivered the world’s premiere of a presentation with title: What If? (Everything You Were Taught To Do Was Totally Wrong). I spoke to students who are engaged in non-profit organization PRC (Consulting & Development Centre for start ups) and are attending my Alma Mater – Faculty of Management. Let me share with you slide-deck, which have supported my 90 minutes long talk.

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Design Is Everywhere (& Everything)

Hello SCG,

yesterday I have been consciously observing a world around me on my way to few appointments I had in Bratislava. So, thanks to yesterday morning experiences >>>

I have documented one case have make another slide-decks with other situations which needed re-design badly>, which “hit” my eyes and inspired my mind to think and feel with empathy. Enjoy!

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[Video]Discovering Filip + Afterword On School 2.0 Workshop

Hey SCG,

Yesterday (24th June) was another legendary day of my life’s journey.  The day started by  driving 120km to the best high school in Slovakia to give away my 3rd gift to Slovakia: workshop about School 2.0

During a workshop I have been astonished and deeply moved by brightness, sincerity and courage of this  young man: 14 years old Filip from town Ružomberok.

Yes, I live  for moments like thiswhen my heart misses a beat, because of one’s purity and visionary thinking. And I am strong believer, that even one person can make a difference. Filip is making a difference!

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My Top 5 Slovak Tunes


Last week I have bumped into nice music selection by Syamant on his blog  (you can check it out, here), after exchanging few tweets I was asked: would be great if you suggest some Slovakian musicians….

So, here you are, Syamant and all of you SCG-ers:

my top 5 Slovak tunes selection.


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[Video] Linchpins Meet Up In Slovakia: “It Always Starts with One! March On!”

Dear SCG!

I just have to share with you, what a MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TODAY!

14th of June was announced by THE Seth Godin as worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day. All Linchpins = indispensable creative artists had an opportunity to organize an offline meeting in their part of the world.

Watch a video with my story from “Linchpins Are Everywhere Meet Up” in Poprad,

one and only meeting in Slovakia.

I am so grateful to those seven amazing people, who made it happen!

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Miracles are closer than you can imagine.

Hello SCG,

Last day of April inspired my last blog post of this month.

Let me share with you captured moments of today’s walk in my neighborhood.

You too, can explore beauties, which are at your doorstep.

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[Video] In Sučany: After “shipping” another gift for Slovakia

Hi Super Cool Gang

greetings from Sučany tiny village in the north of central Slovakia, cca80 minutes drive from my hometown Poprad.

What did I do there?

Sučany is known for its bilingual Slovak – English Secondary School which is famous all over the country. I was invited to speak to students by founder of Sučany Alumni, my dear friend and “hard core” NGLS supporter Tom Jacko.

You can check out stream of pictures, HERE.

What are your thoughts on slide-deck?



P. S. :  I was missing you SCG!

Rules are useless if you do not take action

At the end of NGLS workshop, three randomly picked participants have been interviewed. My first question was for Peter Hegedúš and I have asked him, following question:

What new did you learn during NGLS workshop?

I was astonished by Peter’s reply!

Video is in Slovak, so I will translate it into English:

I have been taught that leadership has set rules which one who wants to be leader need to follow. But I have realized it is not truth. Rules are useless, if  you are not taking action. I should take action, and by it the rules will be set and I will become leader. Then I can lead the change or any activity which is meaningful and I see purpose in it.

(Peter is 20 years old, student fromVeľký Krtíš, in Slovakia)


Pravidlá sú na nič pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť

Na záver NGLS workshopu, sme urobili interview s tromi náhodne vybratými účastníkmi. Prvá otázka smerovala na Petra Hegedúša. Moja otázka znela:

Čo nového ste sa počas NGLS workshopu naučili?

Bola som očarená Petrovou odpoveďou.

Myslel som si, že leadership má určité pravidlá  a bez toho nedokážem byť dobrým lídrom. Ale som zistil, že to vôbec nie je tak, lebo pravidlá sú na nič, pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť. To znamená, že tým že začnem niečo konať, si vlastne vytvorím tie pravidlá, tým sa naučím byť lídrom a vlastne viesť tú zmenu alebo nejakú aktivitu v ktorej vidím zmysel.

(Peter, je študent, má 20rokov a je z Veľkého Krtíša)

[Video] Black ribbons campaign in Slovakia—Čierne stuhy ako čierne svedomie slovenských politikov.

In previous post, I was touched and moved by Adam Kurta and his act of sincerity and hope for change in Slovakia.

One week long hunger strike has ended today on 24th November  at 6 PM. His thank you note and message for Slovak citizens has been again recorded and now is shared with you my dear readers.

Black ribbons were distributed to be worn as sign with disappointment and disgust with overall Slovak political culture. As Adam said:

Black ribbons, dark as arrogance of Slovak politicians towards their citizens.

Slovakia need more Adams like that. Let us join him.

You can meet Adam and company tomorrow 25th November at 6 PM in Bratislava in Europa Pub.

P.S.:  No alcohol will be served.


V predchádzajúcom príspevku,  som vyjadrila ako som bola dotknutá a pohnutá Adamom a jeho činom. Týždňovú hladovku, dnes 24. novembra Adam ukončil o 18. tej hodine. Jeho poďakovanie tým, čo ho prišli podporiť a odkaz spoluobčanom som opäť zaznamenala aby som mohla sprostredkovať tieto chvíle aj vám moji drahí čitatelia.

Pokračovaním Adamových aktivít je distribúcia čiernych stužiek na znak nesúhlasu so súčasnou politickou kultúrou na Slovensku.

Ako povedal Adam:

Stuhy čierne ako čierne svedomie politikov…

Slovensko potrebuje viacej Adamov. Pridajte sa. Už zajtra, 25. novembra o 18.00 hod sa môžete stretnúť s Adamom v Bratislave v Europa Pub-e na Obchodnej ulici.

P.S. : Podáva sa len nealko.

[Video] “Something” has died in Slovakia. —–“Niečo” čo tu na Slovensku bolo, tu umrelo.

Yesterday,  my friend who knows me via NGLS project alerted me via Facebook about 19 years old Slovak student, who is protesting with hunger strike in front of the House of parliament since 17th November 2009. In few hours we have met this bold young man and talked to him and his father who brought him hot tea for 2 hours.

Adam Kurta, student with passion and clean heart showed to all of us, who are pretending not to see the reality of Slovakia and its arrogant political representatives. Adam is collecting signatures to cancel immunity of Slovak politicians towards law and their compulsory presence at the Parliament meetings, as this is their job and their responsibility towards us, citizens.  Watch Adam on video (in Slovak)  and his striking quote:

Something”  what was present in Slovakia, died…


Včera ma môj dobrý priateľ upozornil cez Facebook na 19 ročného študenta, ktorý už šiesty deň drží hladovku vo svojom stane pre NR SR a zbiera podpisy na zrušenie poslaneckej imunity a povinnosť poslancov zúčastňovať sa na zasadnutiach NR SR.

O pár hodín sme už boli pri tomto statočnom úprimnom mladíkovi, ktorý sa svojim činom snaží poukázať na aroganciu slovenských politikov.  Dvojhodinový rozhvor aj s Adamovým otcom bol veľmi ľudsky emotívny zážitok.

Najsilnejší bol Adamov výrok:

Niečo čo tu na Slovensku bolo, tu zomrelo…

Viac o Adamovi Kurtovi si pozrite v nasledujúcom videu.

Adam, počítaj so mnou a ver mi, že nie si sám s takýmto názorom.

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