[Video] Trust Your Guts & Miracles Will Happen

Hiya SCG,

let the following blog + video reveal where did my intuition brought me.

Which part of the world did I end up to be ? What miracles am I talking about? Why will I remember 15th September 2010 till the end of my life?

Do you remember mentioning me Prof. Srikumar Rao before? Let me shed some light on him again and refresh your memory: Prof. Srikumar Rao has changed my life via his book Are You Ready To Succeed, in November 2007:< when I have read it on the board of a plane on my way to Dubai.  After finishing it, I have got such clarity in my mind that I have deided that it is a time for me to return back home to Slovakia after 3 years spent in Dubai>

Today (15th September 2010) he did it again! How?

Prof. Rao has agreed to meet me <“ordinary” Ivana Sendecka from Slovakia>, despite his busy schedule in London, filled with interviews for media and speeches. I did not hesitate a second >>> during weekend I have raised money for a flight ticket <Thank you guys! You know who you are, who have supported me with little donations  and enabled me to make my presence in London reality> and I hopped on a plane to London. I have felt, that I simply have to travel to London and meet Prof. Rao.<yeah, you can sense what was the source of inspiration for the  Question Of the Week # 36>

with the Srikumar Rao

After delicious vegetarian Indian lunch >>>  Prof. Rao has instantly connected me with his friend – Drayton Bird. <I got his office address and 2 & half hours time to reach there> Not having a clue, who am I going to meet – because I was in offline mode and I could not do my homework (Googling) prior to a meeting.  

After half an hour, Drayton gave me a very thick book, which I have spotted on the side table at my arrival. When I have realized that he is the author of it. My face’s color could have been very good competitor to the red color on the cover of that book…;-)

<now I can say, that maybe “my not knowing” and “ignorance” served me well, otherwise if I would have known who Drayton is, I might have been even more nervous than I already was>

Gosh, when I have walked out from Drayton’s office and realized what has happened and who I have had spent my day with: Tears of gratitude filled my eyes, when walking down the Oxford Street – carrying in my bag – signed copies of books and DVD (by Drayton) given to me by these two mind-blowing gentlemen.


I encourage you to trust your gut feeling and to do things even tough they seem to be scary.

Yes, I was shit scared – rooming around London all by myself  with very limited budget meeting world’s top thinkers…., but I did it because I followed the most precious asset I possess: my heart.

I will remember 15th September 2010 for the rest of my life.

[watch ” live me” shortly after this eventful day]


What “crazy thing” have you done lately?< Something you did not plan on at all,  but you have just acted upon your inner calling?> Have you ever traveled to other part of the world only based on your intuition?

I cannot wait to hear from you.

cheers from grateful me in London,



  1. Hi Ivana, You rock!

    One crazy idea that I have been executing is: to call up interesting people, with whom I have interacted via social media. The premise? Social media interactions cannot beat the power of interacting on a one to one basis. A phone call, a small note of thanks and exchange of a few interesting ideas go a long way in building great relationships. This is how I got my mentor, and my first book and my first few speaking engagements.

    So, I send encouragement your way to do these so called scary stuff and they open up a world of opportunities for you!


  2. Aww congrats Ivana. That is really wonderful. I really hope i soon have a miracle to share with you. 🙂


  3. Dear Ivana

    Although I do not know you, I am happy for you. You did well to post a link to this blog @ Draytons page on FB.

    You are welcome to attend the intro web seminar we are having for Eadim. Drayton might have told you about it, and he will be giving a short presentation.

    You can register here:

    Should I ever come to Slovakia, I will remember to get in touch with you.

    All the best to you …

    • hello Michael!
      thank you so much for reaching out!

      I have just registered to webinar.

      Definitely, you must give me a buzz when you will come to Slovakia!
      see you around! and maybe even see you soon;-)


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