Do You Put “Make Up” On Your Slide-decks? You Better, Do!

Hiya SCG,

last shipment was posted from an academic soil, because I have been  attending conference Unicamp organized by students on marketing and social media. Curiousity to find out what is Slovak community 2.0 up to, made me travel there. I was pleased by organizers and their initiative to put this event together as they (students) wanted to learn from experts. Disappointment came from speakers (at least those, which I have seen) who simply killed any appetite for learning by… [Read more…]

Design Is Everywhere (& Everything)

Hello SCG,

yesterday I have been consciously observing a world around me on my way to few appointments I had in Bratislava. So, thanks to yesterday morning experiences >>>

I have documented one case have make another slide-decks with other situations which needed re-design badly>, which “hit” my eyes and inspired my mind to think and feel with empathy. Enjoy!

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Do you carry the right currency with you?


Do you remember video post with the FUTURE concept? Can you recall, what was the 3rd element of it? OK, let me help you out; it was being: trustworthy.

Word with 4 letters (in my opinion), which might will be the main asset you can possess  and leverage during your business and personal journey is


Why do I think so? Let me share, yet another story with you.

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Why You Should Say “NO!” To Time Wasting Meetings Once For All.

Oh boy, attending meetings was “eating me” during my consulting career a lot. Gosh, how many sheets of paper have been destroyed with child-like drawings of various shapes , which were a result of my boredom and internal fight with a loud voice, screaming inside my head:

“Why the heck, are we all losing our time, here?!”

Let me share  with you my journey


“I am busy with meetings person”


“Don’t expect me to participate on a meeting, unless we will be shipping.”

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[Video] Do You Want To Become a #supercool Online Networker? Then, Make a “PIE”

Hi SCG 😉

mystery of  a “PIE” is revealed in the video. Bon Appetit!


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