[Add Your Wish] to Crowdsourced Birthday Card for …


do you know, who’s birthday is it today? If you know man on the picture bellow  -> now is you chance to wish him happy birhday -> leave your comment at the end of this shipment. (then, I will forward your wishes to the man) And indeed, becoming old is not biologically ordained, it’s a choice…


shoot your wishes, now.

Let us express our gratitude to Seth for his art.



  1. Who doesn’t recognize him 😉 Seth I wish you fabulous Happy Birthday and Health. You’re true example of becoming old is not biological ordained. Have another great year ahead. Wishes from Pakistan.

  2. All the best Seth! As they say – wisdom comes with age – so if that is true, we all are looking for even more wisdom from you! Wish you health & good people around you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Seth. Thank you for connecting people around the world and giving us a common language to use to discuss this new world. I hope you have a wonderful day and I raise a glass to you, Cheers!

  4. Hey Seth!
    Best day and ahead to you.
    Wishing you good health and happiness so that flow of knowledge continues.
    Thanks Ivana for providing us platform where we can wish him special day.

  5. Seth,

    Thank you for INSPIRATION!!!! You are awesome!!! You light up our lives and the ripple just keeps on going!

    Thanks Ivana for this special birthday wish opportunity.

  6. wish you happy birthday Seth…you are going such a nobel job

  7. From our Tribe to yours, Happy Birthday!

  8. Wishing you good health and happiness today and throughout the years,
    Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday! Thanks for inspiring people who inspires me 🙂

  10. Seth, You are an inspiration for a whole generation. Yes, we are ready to create a ruckus and be linchpins, thanks to you in no small way.
    Ivana, you are a rockstar 🙂 thanks for initiating this.

  11. Happy Birthday my friend! Thank you for all that you do.

  12. Happy B Day Seth! I hope you’ll keep the purple cows flying and poking the big box for years to come.

  13. After being off the grid for a week this is my first act of internet connection… and completely worth it.

    Happy Natal Day, Seth. Has it been a year already? (Since the last one.)

    Time for another project.

  14. Happy B day Seth – keep turning the knob to 11!

  15. Happy Birthday Seth! You are such an inspiration. I just published a blog post today about your live event in Seattle a few weeks ago! http://www.laurierosenfeld.com/blog

  16. Happy Birthday Seth, may you continue to inspire and innovate for the rest of your years among us…

  17. dylanduong says:

    Happy Born On Day Seth! Rock on!

  18. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Seth
    Happy Birthday to you la la la la la la ……………..

  19. Happy Birthday Seth 🙂 .. We love your work !

  20. Happy birth day Seth. We love your ageless posts 😉

  21. Martina says:

    Happy Birthday Seth! Keep the good job 🙂

  22. Arjan Tupan says:

    Dear Mr. Godin,

    As said before, thank you for your inspiration. Since this is not your birthday anymore (not only because it is a day later now, but also since you’ve given it away), I wish Charity:water a great day and year ahead, and I hope that the people you have inspired, will inspire you and the many great people that are doing charitable work in return.

  23. Dear Seth,
    thank you for every single inspiring post you have published. They make people stop, think and evaluate they opinions and thoughts. Keep up the marvelous job you are doing!

    All the best

  24. (Belated) Happy Birthday, Seth!

    Your life stands as a birth day candle to many.
    Thanks for tapping into your greatness and shining light for people around the world.
    You’re an inspiration.

    To many, many more years of leadership, love, and light!

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