Do You Know Who Your “Sneezers” Are?

Hey SCG,

I am SO humbled , that I can “ship” today’s post. I have been waiting for this shipping moment for more than 6 months. Only now I feel eligible to introduce you a concept of sneezers.

Do you know who is a “sneezer”?

This term was brought into my  and world’s attention in March 2010 in a video-book= vook by THE Seth Godin – Unleashing the SuperIdeavirus.

Why did I have to wait for more than half a year to talk about sneezers? Well, because Inspiring Shipments (#IS) is a blog for doers and for those who can tell stories of walking the talk. I don’t talk theory, I talk about experienced experiences. Therefore,  let me share with you my story about sneezers, so you can get inspired and you too can reflect on: Why are “sneezers” important for you, for your business and for sustainable future of your art?

So, who is a sneezer?

Let me borrow Seth‘s words: Sneezers are people, who are more likely to tell their friends about a great new idea. These people are the heart of the ideavirus. Identifying sneezers is a key success factor for idea merchants.

<Are you with me on sneezer’s role for your endeavors?>


So, let’s move on to my story about sneezers.

Before I have quit my job (almost 13th months ago), I was very clear about what my heart’s desires are and how I want to serve my best to the world. I also knew who are the people, who I admire and learn from. I have dreamed in silence, that one day I will interact with the authors, leaders and entrepreneurs who inspired me to take my leap into unconditional shipping of my art.

My (so far) the most powerful “sneeze” arrived after one year of shipping.

On 2nd of August, just one day after “working for free” one year anniversary (call it coincidence or synchronicity?) huge sneeze took place. And who was my sneezer? The sneezer was THE Jim Kouzes. (see the sneeze bellow)

Oh, boy what an honor!

Such a tribute from a person who I have met for the first time via his speech for Google on Youtube one and half year ago…. After connecting with Jim via Facebook, many people (especially those in posh consulting office) laughed at my excitement with words:

So, what that you are friends on Facebook?

I have kept quiet and waited for the right time to respond to all of my “nay” and “so, what?” sayers, that time is NOW and my reply is :

Facebook – online friendship and sincere building of credibility and trust with Jim resulted in publishing my story and NGLS project story as the last chapter of the new book – The Truths About Leadership, book written by the authors of the bestselling book on leadership ever – The Leadership Challenge.

I was humbled and excited (long time before any sneeze) about preciousness of this connection with Jim…Plus I had faith in my art and ability to walk my talk..So, all of that combined with patience and generosity were reasons for miracles, which took place!

And Jim carried on sneezing….

His next sneeze was at The Leadership Forum Conference in San Diego, where Jim has played my video?! So,  “Ivana Sendecka’s  ideavirus” has started to spread (see tweets bellow) when THE Steve Farber, the bestselling author of  many influential leadership books was tweeting about me and my video (originally posted on Inspiring Shipments for you Super Cool Gang!)

How super cool is that?


I must confess, that there are many more loyal and powerful sneezers talking about Inspiring Shipments and NGLS and my art. Thank you, ALL for that. I want you to know, that I am not taking you for granted and I will talk more about you, shortly, because I believe that “sneezing topic” is pretty new to the most of us and we all need to educate each other in this essential area of ours art success.

Bottom line:

Have infinite patience!

Ship with heart and don’t give up.

Walk your talk and testimonials will come to you!

Know who you want your sneezers to be!

Be grateful, don’t settle and carry on shipping no matter how much applause you will or you will not receive.

YOU are the most important person to believe in meaning of your art, only then others will follow and they will appreciate your passion and dedication!

Be ready for miracles to happen!


who are your sneezers? Who do you want your sneezers to be? Are ideas about your art/business/products spreading through “right mouth”? How long did it take you to be talked about in the circles you are proud of to be talked about?

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts in comments!


P.S.: If you have liked this post, please sneeze about it;-)


  1. Ivana,
    Your ideavirus is very catching, and I hope more people become “infected.” Thank you very much for telling your friends and fans about our new book, The Truth About Leadership. We hope they enjoy reading it….especially the chapter with your story! Keep on sneezing. Love ’em and lead ’em, Jim

    • Jim,
      I thank you for everything you have done for a stranger from Slovakia! We (SCG) all will be sneezing on your and your book’s behalf!
      Once again, thank you for sneezing and Bless you! 😉

  2. Awesome! I know its really an extra ordinary thing but you rightly deserve it. I am not sure if i have ever met a human like you. :)) Yes you are pretty awesome!

    I will look for this book here and if i luckily find it i am so reading it up. 😀

    And you are definitely my sneezer :))


    • Hey Balal!

      I am sure you have never met anyone like me, and I have never met anyone like you! We are all unique and authentic one and only human beings, are we not?;-)

      I will keep you posted on when book will be out in shops;-)
      And again, thanks to you as well for sneezing!

  3. Oliver Janzen says:

    It´s just so super cool!
    Do I get the book in the UAE already … I am most interested in the last chapter 😉 could be a sneezer, too!

    Regards, Oliver

    • Hey Oliver!
      Thanks fro sneezing “super cool” attitude all around you! Not sure, if the book is in the shelves of bookstores yet. The best way would be to order it via Amazon, or go to Dubai Mall Kinokuniya bookshop (this is the best one in the city for sure) and ask them there. They can even pre-order it for you!

      I am looking fwd, for your feedback and reading this gift to the world from Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.


    Dear ivana,
    really happy for you that ye are elevating !!!!!
    and yeah about sneezer, So keep faith in yourself, ye are among many of them.
    God bless you

  5. Ivana,

    what can I say – this is it – THIS IS IT!
    I can absolutely relate to your story around “_aheroofyours_ is a facebook friend of yours – so what?”. As Guy Kawasaki said – don’t let the bozos grind you down! There is no absolute value. If being friended on facebook by someone who you did not even think of being able to reach in ANY way is the biggest thing of the day for you – then it just is. Period.

  6. magdalena h. says:

    hello Ivana!
    This blog has given me goose bumps…:) I know you don´t expect praise or anything… Thank YOU for doing all these MEANINGFUL things – you are a great ARTIST!

    Well, my sneezers are my lovely students. I am so happy that I will meet them again in September and carry on shipping in real life … although I hope I have prepared myself a little during the holidays by learning new things. 🙂

    Have a great rest of the summer 2010, Ivana. 🙂

  7. Ivana,

    you are a HELL OF A WOMAN, you know that?! 🙂

    I will definitely speak for many of your friends, readers, supercoolgangers, people, etc. that you are THE sneezer for all of us!

    Hope you will never give up what you`re doing, cause I love getting cold from you;)
    (this was meant to be a metaphor, not sure it works, heh)


  8. Awesome.


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