Stop “Yapping” About Your Goals. Execute Them!

Hiya SCG,

it is 11th day of January 2011, 11 days to go till 2nd NGLS Conference and life goes on regardless, if we have set our new year’s goals, resolutions and planned it “all” out. There are many people, who are hyper excited about their fresh and crispy goals for this year. That is all brilliant and these positive vibrations & determination can help a lot to get things done. But,..yeap there is always this horrible “but”, maybe, just maybe there are other ways how to treat your goals settings. Curious to hear alternative to planning? Here we go:

[Disclaimer: this is no how-to or instructions like post. I am just offering you alternative look at planning, which worked for me so far. Enjoy! 😉 ]

Keep Ambitions & Goals for Yourself

There are only 2 places, where I capture my goals:

1. Deep inside my head or heart – as I am not sure where exactly is my internal calling coming from;-)

2. Last page of my journal – till my goal will not happen, it is to be seen only by my eyes. I do show it to close people of mine as evidence, that “dreams can come true” once my goal/plan/wish/dream is true, real and tangible.

In September 2010, I was very pleased to see a  TED talk by Derek Sivers [Watch it, it is less than 6 minutes talk] confirming that my attitude of preferring to be silent about my ambitions, was even scientifically proved to be a correct approach.

Build Your Goals with 3 Main Pillars

“Building material” for goals accomplishment model consist of 3 blocks:

1. Always give your best!

2. Act from heart.

3. Make people feel good.

In order to support 3 pillars structure of my goal accomplishing model, I have decided to re-post almost one year old video blog of mine with title “On Planning” which I have remembered when composing today’s shipment.

I am glad, that I do agree with 3 main messages even now. The only discrepancy in the video is that I did not carry on to be on board with TEDx organizing team, the rest including that “book publishing thingy” is true even now 😉

Silence Is a Sign That You Are Busy Shipping Your Goals

Many peeps are so busy with sketching their plans and even more people are talking about them wherever they go, but I must tell you that, this kind of busyness does not indicate anything, except that it is your resistance defending you from pulling up your sleeves and getting hands dirty with doing great work, which inspires others, which leaves world a better place…

For instance, “Have you ever heard Seth Godin yapping about great things he will do?” I have not! He just do (ship) things and then he writes a blog post, here is my book, here is my new project, I am hiring, etc. etc. What do you think, why is that? Answer is pretty simple:

Those, Who Truly Execute Ideas (=Shippers), Don’t Have Time to Talk!

SCG, here are my “50 cents” advices for ya’:

Ship consistently &  with full commitment to your inner calling.

Plan consciously what you want to ship, each day when you wake up & then ship it!

Show up & ship, even when everyone else is having fun time or are too “busy” to give you a helping hand or they think your plan is “unrealistic”

Once you will get into shipping mode, you will make it a habit & natural way of your existence! Then, you will be amazed what are you capable of & what talents are residing within you. You might even wonder, “How could I have wasted so much time with pretending that I ship before?”

The Only Plan You Should Have Is: Ship your art, NOW!

Believe me, however simple & fluffy it may sound, it is damn tough & that is why very few people do it & that is why art and remarkable people are & will be in demand.



what is your take on planning? What worked for you in the past, when achieving your goals? Share your experiences and tips with us.

Back at you now.


Image courtesy Tiago Tibeiro.



  1. whoa! very nice, totally agree with you:-) and you know what else is so cool about being quiet? people underestimate you and then they are sooooo surprised! 🙂

  2. hehe….. i know at least one common-friend yapper! i am glad i sitt on the same train as you do Ivanka in terms of “shipping”…..

    • Hi Dianka,
      LOL! I have a suspicion, that I know who you are talking about;-)
      Oh, yes witnessing how you are shipping is truly inspiring! I am amazed by your grit, it is awesome to see you back on coaching track, that you are kicking off your public speaking and how you are conquering your first miles on bike!Aw, and I forgot that you are also shipping paintings!
      March on, Di!

  3. I still remember the reaction of few individuals at the moment they discovered my plans and their consequences. They was quite impressed when I made it. Of course, until that time it was my little secret. However, I regret I have already yapped about some of the new ones. Totally agree with the shipment…

  4. Hello Dear,

    Ivana I am working on execution of my dreams. Yapping about your dreams is really very depressing specially when you are going to make a difference.
    Not only Seth Godin but people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve job, Ivana Sendecka and those who are making different, believes on execution.
    I personally dont like myself yapping about my dreams or work but my work yapping about me.
    Thank you Ivana for being around always.

  5. hmm… i am not sure, that not sharing your goals is a good idea. if you will not share your goals, than you can easily miss chances to find people with the similar plans, that can help you with your jouney.

    on the other hand, you have to be ready for looking like lazy fool, if you will keep talking about your dreams, plants, etc. and there will be no real results behind you.

    and if you share your plans, tell your friends not to admire you, but to challenge your ideas.

    • Hey Vaco!
      thanks for sharing your take on planning.
      As I have said in the beginning it is what worked for me and what I have observed in people who I admire.

      Sharing your goals publicly with friends and checking their opinions can result in being called silly, unrealistic, crazy etc. And more bolder and visionary your goals are such offense is inevitable. Therefore, it is better to work on your goals in silence and have guts to test untestable & do what no one else did before you, if you truly believe in it!
      Accidentally even Seth, has written post about it today:
      Have a super cool wkend Vaco and I hope you will join us on NGLS.

  6. I think you have a very good way of managing your goals. I’ve always struggled with prioritizing the steps to achieve mine. I’m currently reading 4 Disciplines of Execution which has helped my understand the big picture while focusing on the step that’s right in front of me. You might like it- Here’s a coupon code that will get you 45% before Friday: 4DISSEPT12


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