My Top 5 Slovak Tunes


Last week I have bumped into nice music selection by Syamant on his blog  (you can check it out, here), after exchanging few tweets I was asked: would be great if you suggest some Slovakian musicians….

So, here you are, Syamant and all of you SCG-ers:

my top 5 Slovak tunes selection.


#1 Tublatanka – Loď do neznáma

#2 I.M.T. Smile – Ľudia nie sú zlí

# 3 Elán – Bosorka

#4 Jana Kirshner – Modrá

#5 Pavol Habera = Love Song

I encourage SCG-ers from Slovakia to share in comments links for their favorite Slovak songs, so the rest of our global SCG family can find out more about our country.

Rock on!


P.S.: SCG-er Tomáš Gríger, asked me to let you know that his website link is different to one in SCG ppt., so here is the correct and the most recent one:


  1. Thanks Ivana! Has definitely given me some references to explore more Slovakian music 🙂

  2. Sin Trenton says:

    I may be a foreigner, living in this country, but, Desmod’s Adrenalina Stúpa is a fave. 🙂–adrenalin-stupa.html

    Then again, a less ‘mainstream’ band would be Schyzofém (can’t all be Vondračková, you know. 😉 ) Fajka mieru, is one.

    Majte sa!

    • 😉 Thanks for your non-mainstream music selection;-)
      And thank you also, for your 1st comment here. I have tried to send you an email but it bounced back. Could you reach me out via my contact page please;-)

  3. Franz Milec says:

    My favorite – slovak alternative band Longital and their Zrkadlo (The Mirror). I love the lyrics and the part where they’re playing on a guitar with a bow.

    Hope the embed code works:

  4. K.Devore says:

    I have two picks! Pan Puding Elvisovej are so cool. 🙂 I’ve actually been able to talks to these guys and tell them myself that I was a big fan.

    My second pick is Polemic. I love ska, jumping up and down, and causing trouble. 🙂

  5. Hi,

    great topic and interesting selection. I would suggest top 5 slovak (rock) tunes:

    best ballad to start with:

    2 great pieces of some serious music (sorry for video quality):

    our most successful band (you also have them on your list):

    and finally the most famous call for change:

  6. Excellent choice, Robo!
    I am very pleased with Money Factor song!;-)
    Rock on and keep on practicing on your guitar!

  7. Brano Busovsky says:

    Marian Cekovsky + IMT – Myslim, ze moze byt…

  8. Great set of links… Thank You again.


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