[Video] Question of the Week #1 (2010)

Hey folks,

you are just  witnessing premiere of the just invented  series:

“Question of the Week”

1st Week of 2010 Question is:

“What does LIFE expect from you?”

Cannot wait to hear your thoughts;-)




  1. Alasdair says:

    Gosh, that’s a good way of making us think!!!

    LIFE expects… “me to give back *more* than it gives me”

    And it’s giving me so much at the moment that it’s really hard to give that much back! 🙂

    More hugs to everyone,


    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      😉 thank you for comment Alasdair!
      indeed, at first sight simple question, which made me think too!

  2. Life expects me to keep on surprising and curious.
    As Steve Jobs said: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!”
    On the very short term life expects me to eat soon.. I am hungry.

    Little video for inspiration:

  3. Life expects me to live it at fullest and to live it now. Time is limited and so never wait, never live someone else’s life, do what you feel you must do, no matter what the society think of it, no matter what the cost is.
    Life expects me to live in a way that when it comes to end and my soul will be flying away from my body, it’ll be thinking… “wow, what a ride, let’s do it again!”

  4. great question, has somebody some contact of that LIFE??? 🙂

    well, i don´t know exactly what does life expect from me, but I think that it´s like Alasdair said. To give back what I recieved… And I know that there are lot´s of thing I can give.
    And to live. Really live. not just for have fun from all the staff around, but also to “be like light in the dark” for some other souls.

    that´s my view.. 🙂

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