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The Hard Things About Hard Things

About The Best Business #Book Ever. Bravo @bhorowitz + 50 Quotes

Hello SCG and everyone else who happens to land here. The highlight (the professional one as there is certainly no lack of personal joys these days) of my first quarter of 2014 was without doubt a new book by Ben Horowitz, The Hard Things About Hard Things. It hit me to the core. I loved it […]

The Authentic Swing

Quotes from “The Authentic Swing” – #book by @SPressfield

Hello SCG, I missed you. I promise that time offline was well spent! My return to #IS is about some goodness from Steven Pressfield — his new book The Authentic Swing (dedicated to golfers and writers) which arrived in a surprise package from Steve’s team. Thank you for that again!  Here are hand-picked few quotes for you. […]

[Video] Special Live Book Review: Linchpin by Seth Godin

Hello folks, let me offer you  food for your souls before … [Watch More...]

[Video] Believe Me, You Are More Than 2 Pages Of a CV.

Hi SCG, I am curious: How would you impress your potential … [Watch More...]

[Video] How To Say Thank You2.0

Hiya guys! So, how to manifest thank you2.0? Just, watch … [Watch More...]

[Video] Are You Polite2.0?

Hey guys, I was having urge to compose blog post on … [Watch More...]


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