5 Songs, Which Will Make Your (Mon)day Kick

Hello SCG,

I believe you have had a super cool weekend. Just in case, you have got stuck today with Monday blues, here are 5 “mood saving” tunes for you;-)

Kick off your shoes and DANCE with me!

Always remember, that new day is a gift and be grateful for LOVELY DAY.

When you are COMING OUT from your home, be completely positive and let it show;-)

Be prepared to inspire EVERYBODY around  you to lift them above their own expectations.

Always remember that not only GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, make smile everyone.

Then, someone might whisper into your ear: YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE


Rock on!




  1. Vishal Devgon says:

    Rock On’
    too gud .. have a rocking monday

  2. Yeah baby 🙂 These are my tunes 😉 Aspecially COMING OUT and GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! 🙂

  3. Hi Ivana, thanks for sharing these uplifting songs. 🙂

    I’m kind just browing around different blogs right now. Nice one you have here!

    • Hi Hulbert!
      Great to see you here;-) Welcome to Super Cool Gang;-)
      I have been “watching you” and your blog for a while and we usually “meet” at Kim’s blog in comments;-)
      “See you” soon

  4. kmaglinti says:

    F-U-N! And, Great to see Hulbert 😉

  5. Hey Iva 🙂 Im looking now your all website and it is great, especially this part with music 🙂
    good job 🙂

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