Question of the Week #14

Hey Super Cool Gang,

after Easter break from Question of the Week,  let us get back on track;-)

Which is the first web page you open when you sit behind your PC?

For me it is my Yahoo Mail.



  1. Hello Ivana & Super Cool Gang –

    Using Google Chrome, I do open home page first i.e Google. Then using New Tab option I go to GMail, Facebook and so on…

    Wishing you all a good day!!!

  2. Nice question again Ivana 😉

    In the same time I always open MOZZILA and THUNDERBIRD when MOZZILA started earlier, I check my sites (below) and after that I chcek my emails. This is absolutely first thing, which I do always when I am going to sit behind PC.

    1. homepage GOOGLE.COM
    4. Google reader
    5. 😉

    This is practically my every day site schedule…

    Have a nice day SCG … 😉

  3. My Portal where I manage all my work and Tasks of the day 🙂 I guess before starting doing anything one should give 10 minutes to himself. Making up mind for the day. Building “To-Do” list organizing it accordingly and then plan to carry out 😉

    To Do list may include any work like meeting with a friend for a coffee, posting on the blog, checking your facebook, answering the emails. So I guess before even starting Googling one should be very clear what are his aims for the day!

    Ok, so for me 1st comes my own portal, and then start googling around 😀

  4. Salam Ivana

    Its great to see a new question.Well as i am learning about facebook so i do start by opening facebook.

    Hey Ivana thanks for calling me future, its becuase of you that i am getting clear about many things.

    Zun you rightly said MAKE UP MIND FOR THE DAY,Good job super cool gange.

    Have a great day to all….

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Dear Sidra,
      it is always great to see you present!;-)
      you are certainly rapid learner
      keep it up my friend, future is bright for you.

  5. As am a damn follower of cricket so the first page i open is and then newspaper)

  6. Hey,

    I open gmail and hootsuite. Checking latest updates.
    Then some blogs and news.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Wohooooo, Arjan!
      Welcome to our Super Cool Gang, so pleased to see you here;-)
      I hope to make it to your “some blogs” list too;-)

      P.S.: thumbs up for your latest running performances!

  7. Good question, let me see… there are some constants like triiibes, facebook and twitter. Probably followed by a some time for blogs reading. Then I use our product to manage the jobs and tasks I have to do and do it 🙂
    Actually is kind of designed to help to keep a team working in sync even with the fragmentation of out attention we experience nowadays.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      😉 Nice Seb.
      I should get back to Triibes again, I was not there for long time and I think that thanks to it we have “met” right?;-)
      What is the snch tool you are talking about?

  8. Interesting question. I noticed I always hit Sources of Insight first and remind myself to stand on the shoulders of giants.

  9. Carina Pueyo says:

    Yahoo Mail is also my first place to review.

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