[Guest] On Cheating Through Education by @TylerShores (Part 1)

Tyler Shores

Hello SCG,

in January, I have posted a blog with poll question: Have you ever cheated on exams in school? Asking this question was for many Slovak students a normal question and great oportunity to share methods on cheating. But for many others it was non-sense question. My friend Tyler Shores, has labeled above question as non-sense, with instant reply: NO to any cheating at school! Tyler  wrote, exclusively for Inspiring Shipments, his  generous thoughts on cheating. Before we start, let me introduce you Tyler, who I have “met” via his talk @Google in September last year;-)

Tyler Shores is a writer and currently a graduate student at the University of Oxford. Tyler’s research interests include – the impact of ebooks and digital technology  on literature and printed books; literature and the experience of reading in relation to philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, and sociology. At the University of California, Berkeley he created and taught a course on The Simpsons and Philosophy. He is a contributor to the Blackwell Popular Culture and Philosophy book series – including: Heroes and PhilosophyAlice in Wonderland and PhilosophyArrested Development and Philosophy, and 30 Rock and Philosophy. He also currently contributes to The Oxonian Review, a literary publication based in the University of Oxford.

On Cheating

By Tyler Shores

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