Question Of the Week #34

Hello SCG,

I believe you would agree with me, that some people, which we come across are not truly “like minds” to us. So, let me ask you:

How do you deal with negative people?

I cannot wait to read about your ways how to handle negative/offensive people.



  1. Hi Ivana!
    I cannot give you an exact answer because it depends on the level and way of negativism of a person you’ re facing. I prefer to convert the negative one with smile, optimism and positive approach – but it can take a while. Or (my favorite one) is to ask the negativist for help with motivating somebody else – in the end the negativist will persuade himself to optimism to reach the goal 🙂

  2. I personally avoid negative people. Its not that they are bad, if someone is negative to me he or she could be positive to someone else. So they are just not the right people for you. And its better to invest your time on something good other than negative people. 🙂

  3. Asking the right questions tends to help.

    For example, if they’re a strong critic, you might ask them, “How would you solve it?” to shift them from critic-mode to solution-mode.

  4. Hi Ivana and the others 🙂
    Negative people – I think the key to handle lies within your own inner strength. Negative people are people – and if they see you are not turned down by them, they will look for the source of that, and in the end by keeping yourself true to your own self, you will show them how to be better. Of course, I feel bad if somebody tries to destroy my balance, but I always tell myself “If they make me feel bad, they win.” and I seriously hate to lose 🙂
    Best of luck in handling the “bad guys” 🙂

  5. I don’t deal with them because I avoid them. Do you know why? I have to deal with such a person every day, and that’s myself, so I do not have any energy left to deal with other ppl’s negativism…

    • Hey Gabi!
      So, great to hear from YOU!
      You know what? Self-reflection is the 1st step to personal development and you have just taken it!
      You are in a right place and we (SCG) are all here to help you out!
      Keep on smiling, young lady!

  6. Franz Milec says:

    Ignoring. Well, not ignoring people, but ignoring their negativism. It works the best 🙂

    I’ve read somewhere that there are three stages of what “the crowd” does while you’re doing something revolutionary:
    1. Ridicule
    2. Anger
    3. Acceptance
    So just skip the first two stages by ignoring and enjoy the third one 😉

    • great!!! thanks for the tip. i think the third one is really the best thing to do, but when you think about it is kind of the same as ignoring because when you accept something, you dont deal with it, you just go with it, right? and what do you do when you ignore something??? heh…what a vicious circle!

  7. I like to rattle their cages a little by agreeing then reframing.

    “It’s hot”
    “You’re right. It is hot. In 6 months I’ll remember this and appreciate this heat”

    “It’s cold”
    “You’re right. It is cold. I like to call it bracing”

    you get the idea… Whatever they say I agree and turn it around into a positive. Pretty soon they stop complaining around me.

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