[Video] Taking your passion further

Two days before Christmas I have received following message on Facebook:

Watch the lessons learned from the Skype chat we have had.

Here is little help with spreading the word for my friend:

Ismail’s super cool pics can be viewed on his Flickr account and you can join his Fan Page on Facebook.


  1. wuua 🙂
    great words 😉
    it remainds me of one things I wanted to do, to find person that made up cover of one book 🙂
    tralala… thanks 😉

  2. Always inspiring….:) I just checked the pictures of Ismail, he is really good photographer and you really gave him great advise.

  3. Hi Ivana, I totally agree with giving stuff free. I think for me is it in many area new “currency”. And i think one have to have courage, generosity and trust (in universe) to act this way.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      ;-)Hi Martin;-) Thank you for comment and watching. I agree with you too! I can only see how boldly you are walking your talk.
      Keep it up;-)

  4. Great advice for Ismail to get the ball rolling on his career in photography. Awesome pictures! Thanks for posting Ivana, otherwise I would have never seen Ismail’s pictures!!

  5. Love it. You are so right. We get so caught up by the formal elements of business that we too often forget what it is really about. Before anything comes purpose and passion.
    Amazingly these are infectious (in fact a lot more infectious than any marketing campaign, money etc).
    If anyone can help Ismail with this it is you. You are a walking breathing example of passion and purposeful connections. Genuine authentic passion always shines through and like minded individuals appreciate it. It will disturb some people but thats ok because if it does they probably needed being disturbed! Good luck

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Thank you so much Emmanuel for your precious time spent “with me and Ismail” 😉 You are great inspiration for me with your “disturbing” thoughts and work you do;-) Stay tuned, another video is just “baking” = uploading;-)

  6. Thank you very much Ivana, for the advice, and also for sharing my pics here, with all your friends. 🙂

    I sincerely and heartily appreciate it 🙂
    Thanks a lot folks, I hope i do justice for the time Ivana spent with me on this. 🙂

    Take care.

  7. uaaaaa…and now its all clear :)..i’ve just needed such a step by step manual….
    Danke schön :*
    p.s….dobre vyzeras…cz cz cz 😛

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Bitte schon;-)
      Let me know if you need any more clarifications Janka, I am sure we can figure out something for YOU;-)

  8. As always – simple things are the most valuable. Thank you Ivana for putting it so straight and sharing with us 🙂 As I already wrote you somewhere, I admire your passion!

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Thank you Marek! I am so excited that you found it helpful,too. And that is what is feeding my passion!;-)

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