About The Best Business #Book Ever. Bravo @bhorowitz + 50 Quotes

The Hard Things About Hard ThingsHello SCG and everyone else who happens to land here.

The highlight (the professional one as there is certainly no lack of personal joys these days) of my first quarter of 2014 was without doubt a new book by Ben Horowitz, The Hard Things About Hard Things. It hit me to the core. I loved it to bits. It is filled with real stories, of a real doer, of a real CEO and now a highly respected VC. He has earned it. He is a master of the art of struggle, the entrepreneur. Let me share with your why am I so high from this book (Having Nas and Kanye West jamming from my headphones helps to prolong this ‘dopy’ feeling.)  It was like reading a 21st century thriller. I’ve never before had my heart beating fast when reading a business book. Ben’s lessons from decades long struggle are for me like the holy book of running a business, being a good manager and being a good human being. Do yourself a favour – read his book. Here is why: [Read more…]

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