Question of the Week #2 (2010)

Hiya guys!

I trust you excuse my absence in moving pictures for this week’s question 😉

I have got inspired by passsionate speech at TEDIndia by Kiran Bir Sethi and I would like to ask you.

Question of the Week:

When was the last time you have told YOURSELF:

“I can” ? And what action did you take?

I cannot wait to read your thoughts!


  1. Almost every day! Last time was with my new endeauvour: Aikido! Now I am ready for the first test after a little more than just two months, which is pretty fast (Considering my age! LOL)

  2. mithun dutta says:

    i never say i can i just do

  3. umm….i always say i can do it….nomatter iss whtever…..i do my best try my hard to do it…..!!

  4. Viktor Oravec says:

    I can kiss that guy. And now. …

  5. Yes Victor, NOW… and then, when I started editing videos on Sony Vegas program. 😉 It’s big experience, doing things which you don’t know and then finaly teach them…

    “I can”… it’s very simple but strong phrase, which should be spreading from human to human everytime we can…and we realy can!

  6. “I can…” Im trying it everyday… Mostly when I feel like Im in really big hole, sad or whatever. Hm… I think that harder is start to do something. “I can” is just some phrase. But to make first step, this is important – to find strength to start doing what you want to.

    I told myself that for example “I can win that contest” (some graphic contest) and I did not exactly, but in this days i will receive from them books that we were “fighting” for :):):):)
    or I told myself that “I can use my (maybe) writing knack to say people some deep words” and Im doing it… by my blog or my poems. It´s the best feeling on the world when anybody who read somethinf wrote by me just say to me, that it has some impact on him/her…

    but somethimes for some things there are really hard to find that streng to do something with it… Im just learning how to find it… :):):)

    have a great time all 😉

  7. From time to time … especially when I am in panic. But mostly I try to do everything the best as I can …

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Tinka, first of all welcome to our gang!;-) Secondly, I trust soon any kind of panic will disappear from your life and “I CAN” will be part of every pleasant inspiring step you will take on your journey;)
      Have fun!

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