Question Of The Week #22

Floods just 15 km away from my hometown on 4th June 2010

Dear Super Cool Gang,

this week was pretty eventful in terms of the force of human nature. Floods have destroyed “roofs above heads” for many Slovak people. Last days made me think a lot and following questions popped up in my head:

Why do we (human beings) still think, that we are the most powerful force in this planet? How can we learn new ways about how to exist in harmony with our environment? Are we contributing enough to sustainable co-existence with our mother Earth? Are we not all “guilty” of the events which are happening around us, somehow? (f.e., Mexican Gulf oil spill, Iceland’s volcano, crazy weather anomalies – floods, hurricanes)

Therefore, 22nd #QOW is:

What luxuries of your lives, would you be willing to alter or totally give up, in order to slow down our devastating and exploiting behavioral patterns, so we can help to preserve our planet for next generations?

Bring your thoughts and ideas out, in comments!


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