Question Of the Week #26

Hello SCG,

I trust you had very exciting first days of July. Personally, past days were full of lessons learned  for me and I have remembered quote by Socrates:

“I know, that I don’t know”

So, 26th #QOW is:

What do you know, that you do not know?

What would you like to learn and know?

SCG, share your “do not knows” and maybe we will find out together that we can help/educate each other!;-)


  1. Ivana – I love questions that provoke thoughts – and this one precisely did that. In my view, all learning starts when we accept and acknowledge what we don’t know.

    Great quote and thought-provoking questions! Have a SUPER Sunday!


  2. Hello. I’ve been reading Your blog for about 2 months and I’m glad I’ve found it 😉 I like the way you write and I’m looking forward to read more. Eventhough, sorry for my English 😉

    “What would I like to learn and know?” Personally, I’d like to learn writing weird fiction (Do You know Lovecraft? I hope so.)

    • Cześć to Poland! 😉
      Thank YOU so much, for your first comment!

      I must admit I have not read Lovecraft (yet).

      I believe that only way how to become a writer is simply by writing.
      So, just do it! Practice, learn, fail and enjoy the process;-) With passion and persistence there are no limits to achieve what you are dreaming of! 😉

      P.S.: your English is super cool, so no worries! I am learning it every day as well;-)

  3. Hi Ivi,

    so its good question n as i read it, i wanted to share. there are lots of things which i know that i dont know. But there is also just one, which can change a lot of other things n it is power of positive thinking. With positive thinking you can always achieve more.
    The way you are thinking n doing things, u dont give up in hard situations, how u look at or your future n who you really are now.
    So this is what i wanna learn n know – to control my mind more 🙂

    have a nice day 🙂

    • Hey Wiky girl!
      Welcome, welcome to SCG!
      Thanks for your confession.
      I will tell you a secret: psst do not tell anyone, I can help you with positive mental attitude. Interested? 😉 Give me a ring and we will hook up in Poprad.

  4. Hi Ivana, I love the quote, and this QOW looks one of the best.

    Here is my answer:

    I know that I don’t know many good people around me in Pakistan.
    I would like to know about them and want to start a mutual learning process. 😉

    • Aw, Waqas thank you for liking QOW and for sharing it on your Facebook page!

      Awesome answer! You are true seeker and learner, so I have no worries about you succeeding in life!

  5. Michae Yanakievl says:

    Hi ! Iva -You are raising a great and fundamental for our civilization question. Socrates understood that people were heavily influenced by opinions and beliefs, which even weren’t
    truths that had to be proved. So most of them when questioned (Socratic method) could not prove their own statements. This means that they did not know what they thought they knew.
    So strangely enough the more they know the more they don’t.
    It seems to me that some ideas succeed not because they are true, but because the audience attracted to the idea will by its composition be inclined to agree. An example is a statement that Plato ascribes to Socrates, that “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
    Socrates meant that he must be free to examine the wisdom of his actions, without the restrictions Athenian voters wished to place upon him, or he would not find it worth living (thus the drinking of the hemlock). That’s certainly a point of view that may be widely shared, although different people and cultures would disagree as to what level of restriction on thoughts or speech might make life not worth living.
    A less strongly phrased statement might be, “Until you examine your life, you are ignorant of whether it is worth living,” but is even that statement true? Perhaps life is always worth living because of something innate, because of the experiences even an unexamined life gives, or because of the effects a life can have. We ascribe a value to the life of a pet regardless of how unaware the pet is of itself or the wisdom of its own actions.
    Whether a life is worth living is a subjective judgment imposed by an observer, not an objective fact. Given the many attributes that might make us conclude a life is worth living, to rest all of a judgment on whether the life is “examined” seems rather excessive. That may be what gives Socrates’ statement its power, but it may also be what robs it of some important truth.
    In the spirit of Socrates, here’s a bit of parting wisdom (but even without it I bet your life is worth living): Never trust the admiration of an audience who are made more self important by their admiration.

  6. Good question.

    Well.. I know that i dont know how to sing well, i would like to learn that. I know that I’m not a good writer and would like to be one. I know that i dont know the best part of me yet, i would love to know it.

    Best to you and yours

    • 😉 Salam Balal!
      Sing your heart out, write your heart out and know yourself!
      It is exciting to be part of your life’s journey!

    • Charles Phillip Valerio says:

      I have shared the same interest for a long time. I never had the greatest voice but I liked expressing myself through song so I would sing songs in the car, in the shower, at home, whenever. Sometimes I would try to push my voice to try to sound a certain way, sometimes I would choose songs that I sing well to, sometimes I just got to believe myself, keep going, or try something different and new.

      Over the time, my voice has actually gotten considerably better and I’m really happy about that. I don’t think it’s always knowing “how.” The how will come when you really want it and your creative self will figure out ways to find it.

  7. 🙂 such a good quote 🙂

    Well, for example I dont know how to make myself to learn something I dont like but I should (some school staff) especialy when there are things that I want help with…

    And I would like to learn lot of things for example play on cello or how to be strong in everywhile of life 🙂

    have a sunna day

    • Thank you Lucka for sharing your “want to knows” with SCG!
      I trust you will overcome every hurdle on your way and in case you need some help, you know where to find me or other super cool gangers!
      We will grow together!

  8. Ivana, it is not so precise quotation. 🙂 Socrates originally said that “I know, that I know nothing”.
    So as I know, that I know nothing, first of all I would like to find out what I do not know. Afterwards I will answer to your question… 😉

    • 😉 Wohoo, Maki! Welcome to Inspiring Shipments!;-)
      Thank you for correction of the quote!
      I cannot wait to hear your answer, so happy searching;-)
      yours “poradkyna”

  9. The list of things I don’t know goes forever. It would be quicker to write the list of things I do know- and that is a pretty long list, too.

    It’s hard to know what I don’t know until I run into a problem. I can say I am getting better at recognizing the difference between when I am up against something I need to learn, or when it makes more sense to find someone to help be who has that expertise.

    I will not get to learn everything in this life time, but I sure am having fun learning the things I want to learn.

    Great question Ivana, thanks!

  10. Sidra Qasim says:

    Hi Ivana,
    Brilliant question. Well Ivana, I pondered a lot on what i know perfectly and exactly and conclusion is that I dont know anything perfectly.Every act, every thought every saying of mine needs lot more improvement. So I will go with that “I know, that I know nothing. And I would like to learn more and more.

  11. I’d like to know the vital few patterns and practices that help people age well and avoid some of the top five health issues (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)

    • Charles Phillip Valerio says:

      I’m not exactly sure what the answer is when it comes to statistics and research, but I bet aging can be reversed with the effects of happiness and minimal levels of stress.

      To add to that, I think some of the other answers may be, consistent exercise and a good diet. I’m sure the answers may go deeper than that but I think that this is a great base to start with J.D. Hope it gave some thought!

  12. I don’t know what I am..but I do know what I am not…and I am not my thoughts and mind..I am beyond that…and this is not a logical understanding…thanks for a great post 🙂 one more “a” on the end of my name and we would be twins 😉

  13. Some ideas are more tool than ideas.

    This Socrates phrase is The Tool (capitalization to dramatize) that can save you from loosing The Always Learning Attitude.

    As a friend of mine would say: ancient people, was ancient not stupid.

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