Hey, thank you for your interest.


Here is how I can help:

Performance Basketball Coaching 

  • Building youth basketball programmes – developing on and off the court transferable leadership skills and healthy habits for young student athletes.
  • Team coaching with focus on teaching fundamental skills and holistic understanding of the game of basketball.
  • I tweet as @CoachSenda


Keynote Speaking

  • Each talk is freshly custom made for your audience. I do NOT repeat myself or re-use content.
  • I deliver witty speeches on these topics: innovation, leadership and change management.

IS at TEDxNitra

Hands On Leadership and Innovation Training

  • Through inspiration-gathering and people-understanding experiences I can help you to uncover stories and insights that help innovation and overall strategy of your business.
  • Understanding other people and their stories can enable you to uncover the answers you longed for and unleash loads of hidden potential residing in your company.


<a title=”Students are listening by senda5<a title=”Students are listening by , on Flickr”>Students are listening


  1. Very interesting Ivana.

  2. Wonderful Ivana.
    Keep up the gud work
    God Bless you

  3. Hey Ivana that presentation on formation of NGLS was very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing its wonderful.


  4. Frank Dunham says:

    Dear Ivana,
    Your video clip called Who will Protect Your Dreams is very inspirational. I saw it last week at a presentation by Jim Kouzes.
    May I have permission to show it to principals, teachers and students in my school district in Mission, British Columbia, Canada?
    Please let me know how this will be possible. Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    Frank Dunham
    Mission Public Schols

  5. Wonderful

  6. Get in touch

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