[Guest][Video] Interview with Chief Happiness Officer

Hiya SCG,

I am proud to bring you first live video interview on Inspiring Shipments and I am even more honored that invitation for it, was accepted by Chief Happiness Officer – Alex Kjerulf. I had a privilege to see Alex live in action yesterday in Bratislava’s event organized by my friends from project Happy Company and he was absolutely mind blowing. I trust you will enjoy our talk!


So, let me do a brief recap of the main messages by Alex to you:

  • It is really important to make your working hours a happy hours
  • Job satisfaction and happiness are two very different things! Happiness at work is about the feeling! How you feel about your work!

  • Anybody can be happy, it is a skill you can learn it and practice it every day!
  • Write positive comments, set tone of your vibes on your blog post. Be conscious about it.
  • Don’t attend meetings you have nothing to do on. Speak up if you have nothing to add to agenda of meeting. Have courage to do so.
  • Studying in a business school can be disadvantage, because you will be blocked with a need for business plan, strategy…You can run your business without plan.. Experiment and have fun. Who cares about business plan!

“Put Happiness First!

(Alex Kjerulf)


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  1. Peter Csík says:

    Hi Ivana, nice video:-)

  2. WOW! Really really great advices from Alex, love with all of them. And will apply it for sure.

    Thank you i, for connecting with Chief Happiness Officer. You both rock. ;)

    • Hey Waqas!
      Thanks for your WOW! I am so glad you have enjoyed it and that your take away from it will be soon visible in your part of the world!;-)
      Tell us about it, then!

  3. Tomas Kuracina says:

    Wow excellent video! Great people, great content…You are doing these videos so good Ivana ;) This one is exactly exciting and valueable like many video interviews which I have seen where the two people in the video were one millionaire interviewing another millionaire…so guess what I am meaning by this.. :)

    • ;-) Thank you Tom!
      Believe me, that the main reason why this video happened to be so watchable – was of course because Alex rocks and knows his stuff and because I did totally prepare for this interview. 10+plus hours of preparation to compose 5 questions based on Alex’s book, fit in into need of what SCG-ers might find useful.
      I am happy you have enjoyed it. ;-)


  1. […] who said this?) Next day, I have met Alex and his wife for lunch and prior to filling our stomachs, Alex agreed to record video interview for Inspiring Shipments, so reading Alex’s book over-night was my preparation for it. It was truly ride of joy to be […]

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